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Get In Shape For Soccer

The training that is required to get in shape for soccer is different to the training which you might deploy in a number of other sports because you need to be able to sprint, jog and even walk during a game. Therefore, it is important that you apply a number of variable intensity training exercises to support your fitness regime for soccer.

If you were to exercise at a moderate pace by going for a run for 30 minutes this would not have the desired effect and you would not be able to get in shape for soccer. Moderate pace exercise is not what soccer is all about, it is very much about variability and therefore let’s take a look at the kind of exercises and diet which are applicable to soccer players.

Muscle Building & Cardiovascular Exercise

It is important that you do a combination of muscle building exercises in combination with cardiovascular workouts that offer variable intensity. The aim of such exercise routines is to shock your system so that it does not get used to a certain form of exercise. This will help to burn fat and build muscle even while you are resting because it is important that soccer players have good recovery periods prior to their next game. Leading up to the preseason many soccer players are required to get in shape fast so they need to be very careful with the food that they eat and the specific exercise routines which they undertake.

Strength and muscle training should be incorporated and may include a variety of exercises such as dead lifts, bicep curls, chin-ups, sit-ups, lateral raises and many other body building exercises to develop strength. Stronger soccer players are far better at pushing people off the ball, so they need to be able to develop muscle mass. It is also important that they develop their leg muscles to improve speed as well as stamina. So, playing soccer can be a great way to get in shape for men because in order to actually play the game properly you will need to do a variety of training prior to playing the game.

You could consider a number of ways in which you can get in shape at home, ready for the soccer season and this could include basic exercises such as sit-up

Protein & Carbohydrates To Get In Shape

In relation to the diet that you should follow, a number of principles need to be considered including the quantity of protein and carbohydrates that you eat. To develop muscle you are required to eat more protein and you will need to monitor the amount of carbohydrates that you eat prior to playing a soccer game and doing training workouts.

To get in shape fast requires a dedication to all of the principles involved with a healthy and balanced diet and an effective exercise regime.

You may want to get in shape in two weeks prior to the soccer season starting and you can do some simple things to your diet to help you. Downsize the quantity of your portions because if there is less food in front of you you’re less likely to eat it. Serve your food straight to the plate and do not add food to large bowls and platters which are put in the centre of the table. Consider eating more nuts as part of your diet because they contain a lot of good nutrients which will support you in your weight loss and training for soccer.

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